Frequently Asked Questions about Pivot SMS

last updated: July 24, 2021

Q: Does it work worldwide?

A: Yes, we can text customers in any country. Currently supporting only English language. (More languages coming in the near future).

Q: How is Pivot SMS different from competition?

A: Market leading pricing, human powered upsells & campaigns, comprehensive reporting and tracking systems in place.

Q: Any cool initiatives at Pivot?

A: Every month, we plan 1 tree per every 1,000 texts that we send with our eCommerce partners. 

Q: What is the expected ROI using Pivot?

A: Average ROI to expect is at least 2,000%.

Q: How does Pivot SMS answer product/brand/order related questions?

A: We use your website info pages, FAQ pages, legal pages to quickly and accurately provide a basic level of customer support to all buyers that we text. If a question cannot be answered by our team, we will forward the customer to reach out to your customer support team. If you have a support team manager, you can connect us with them, so that we can reach out with any specific questions to then forward the answer to your customers.

Q: What is the average time it takes for you to respond to a customer?

A: We try to respond to customers as quickly as possible; in most cases, within 10 minutes. We’re working on bringing this number down to negligible time differences.

Q: Why would I choose Pivot SMS over a cheaper alternative like SMS Bump?

A: Our pricing is market leading amongst human powered SMS marketing apps on Shopify. Having said that, it is up to the brand owner to add a monetary value to the human powered aspect of our SMS marketing model. Any brands focused on long term growth and customer satisfaction should consider the long term benefits of personalized SMS marketing.

Q: Can I see exactly what conversations my customers are having with Pivot?

A: We offer full conversational transparency, so you can read our conversations with all of your customers. 

Q: How does attribution work?

A: We track data and results with a complex mix of webhooks and manual data polling.