We Take Personalized SMS for Shopify eCommerce to a Whole New Level 🚀

Pivot is a human powered SMS marketing platform that nurtures real

customer relationships & hyper-charges SMS profits for your eCommerce business.

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Functionality and Philosophy

Full-Fledged Features

Abandoned cart recovery, post-purchase upsells & custom campaigns.

Powered by humans, our platform has everything you need, minus the fluff.

Powered by Real Humans

Our real humans text & convert your customers in real time. We answer questions, provide support & send small discounts. Full conversational transparency.

ROI & Customer Oriented

With fractional market leading costs, open rates of over 95%, and conversion rates upwards of 30%, we keep your pockets full and your customers coming back again and again.

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Here's How It Works 📲

Abandoned Cart Recovery

With 95%+ open rates, ~45% response rates and average 26% conversion rates, our abandoned cart recovery system is the best way for your brand to convert lost customers.

Step 1: someone was purchasing on your store, but failed to complete their checkout.

Step 2: our real humans text your abandoned cart customer immediately to find out what happened.

Step 3: we engage that lost customer, answer questions, solve objections, and offer small discounts.

Post Purchase Upsells

One of the most effective ways to increase AOV; post purchase upsells are a detrimental cog in the wheel for any eCommerce business looking to augment their backend profits.

Step 1: you create your upsell campaign based on a spectrum of conditions offered by Pivot.

Step 2: someone makes a purchase on your store, which matches your upsell campaign conditions.

Step 3: we engage that customer over text, and sell them on your upsell offer.

Targeted SMS Campaigns

Launch new product lines, send out special offers, announce sales, and reach customers with endless freedom, using our custom targeted SMS campaigns.

Step 1: create your targeted SMS campaign based on a spectrum of conditions offered by Pivot.

Step 2: you create & set the recipients for your campaign, using our customer list segmenting tool.

Step 3: you launch your targeted SMS campaign, and our human agents engage any responding customers.

Here are the cool things we're building at Pivot SMS

SMS Powered by Humans 💬

Pivot SMS is the first human powered SMS marketing platform that offers cart recovery, upsells, and custom campaigns.

Market Leading Prices 👑

SMS marketing platforms have been overcharging clients for too long. Pivot leads the market in terms of pricing.

1,000 SMS = 1 Tree Planted 🌳

We want to make the world a better place - that's why for every 1,000 SMS texts we send for you, we'll plant a tree.

2,800%+ ROI 💸

Being the market leader in terms of pricing, the average ROI you can expect with Pivot SMS is 2,800%+.

Abandoned Cart Recovery 🛒

We help customers complete their abandoned carts by answering questions, building trust & offering small discounts.

Custom Targeted Campaigns 🎯

Schedule, target and get heard by your customers instantly with our custom targeted campaigns feature.

Post Purchase Upsells 🤗

Build, segment and create unlimited upsell campaigns. The rest will be handled by our talented texters!

Customer List Segmenting 📂

Build customer lists and segments from your Shopify data using a variety of attributes and conditions we've created.

Frictionless SMS Capture 📲

Capture customer phone numbers with our revolutionary 2-click SMS capture feature. Less friction, more conversion!

... plus much, much more!

So how can we help your eCommerce business?

1. Recover More Lost Carts

Our real human texters recover an average of 26% of all abandoned carts.

2. Increase AOV & Backend Profits

Our talented texters are experts at pushing upsell offers ethically.

3. Be Heard with Custom Campaigns

Let your imagination run wild, and get your customers in the know immediately.

4. Improve Customer Experience

We build real relationships with your customers, making shopping so much better.

5. Lower Product Return Rates

By providing every customer with care, we eliminate confusion, and returns.

6. Build Trust Through SMS

Trust is important (duh!), and we're experts at nurturing it for every single customer.

7. Increase Website Conversion Rates

We make sure your marketing dollars aren't wasted on traffic that "got away".

8. Increase Customer Retention Rates

We nurture customer relationships, and make sure they remember you forever!

9. Prevent Price "Treasure Hunts"

Even the smallest frictionless discounts help us bring a lost customer back!

10. Bring Back Shopping Intimacy

We make shopping intimate even after the customer completes their purchase.

11. Promote Brand Loyalty

We make sure your customers remember you, and don't even consider a competitor!

12. Stand Out From The Pack

Adopting human powered SMS by Pivot, separates you from competition. Woohoo!

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A Message from Pivot's Founder

Like many of us, I was introduced to the world of business through eCommerce. Having had experience on both customer and merchant sides of the industry – I know just how detrimental it is to stay ahead of the curve, and more importantly, do so while pleasing customers and staying profitable.

It’s a tough balancing act, which is why I created Pivot SMS.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you often find yourself wishing certain tools existed, when they really don’t. This really sucks because it leaves you having to “settle” for the next best thing.

And unfortunately, SMS is one of those industries where a lack of resources and tools has become extremely prominent throughout 2020 and onwards.

Customers are craving personalization more than ever, shopping behaviours are evolving, and the market is beginning to realize that traditional SMS robots simply don’t have what it takes to keep up with consumer demands.

Pivot SMS is a human powered text marketing platform that focuses on what really matters: building real customer relationships and helping eCommerce businesses capitalize on SMS like never before.

It’s the future we envision, where consumers can be texted by us in real time and have their questions answered quickly so that they can come back to your website, and complete that purchase right away.

This future is coming, and it’s not very far off – and right now, more than ever, we need your help to make Pivot SMS the most ideal SMS tool for the conscientious eCommerce entrepreneur.

Vova Stepanyuk

Founder of Pivot SMS

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We'll reach out to you via email within 12 hours to get acquainted! 💖